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We invite you to join us and Delegate for the upcoming  Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ in Washington, D.C., from October 20 to 23.  Stop by to learn how our cloud-based Stella food service management software can help you with managing recipes, menus and production.

STELLA is a healthcare food service software that provides you with a solution for managing your recipes, menus & production.  The database includes 1000’s of recipes, up to a 21-day patient menu plan and up to a 5-week retail menu plan.  Menu plans are customizable to your facility.  Recipes and menus include Nutrition Facts.  You are able to manage patient information i.e., diet orders, food allergies, likes and dislikes without this information leaving your secure network.  With a cloud hosted solution, you do not need to have staff resources to maintain the recipes and menus.