Transform Your Team

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With teamwork and a positive working environment, any team will be able to reach the highest levels of excellence in Food Service and Environmental Services.

DM&A provides all the tools, training and coaching required to help any team (both union and non-union) maintain optimum teamwork and an overall positive working environment.

Results Expected

  • Culture transformation.
  • Overall performance improvement and productivity of food service and environmental services staff in all areas of the department.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Reduced turnover and sick leave.
  • Less abuse of breaks and meal periods.
  • Managers and supervisors gain more time because they spend less time dealing with negative human resources issues.
  • Managers and supervisors enjoy their job more because there is less conflict management.

The Process

  • The Destination 10 Performance Improvement Process is implemented in your facility with help from DM&A coaches.
  • DM&A coaches spend as much time on site as needed. Days on site are predicated on your goals and objectives.


The cost is based on the number of days our coach spends on site. The process is customized to each individual client’s goals and objectives.