DM&A provides everything a facility needs to successfully transition from a food or EVS contractor to self-managed Food Service or Environmental Services.


What to consider when going from Contract to Self-Op.

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DM&A Can Provide:

  • An onsite transition coordinator (90 to 120 days)
  • New customized policies and procedures
  • New menus and recipes
  • Assistance in hiring a new management team
  • Temporary management personnel
  • Any and all support

Why DM&A?

  • The transition should be managed by a firm that  has the manpower, tools, systems, and  experience to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • DM&A can provide all of this, plus guide the hospital to “Best of Class” in all areas at the same time.
  • DM&A always generates success. Ask our clients!


Oklahoma University Hospital decided that we could no longer afford to have contractors manage our food service and environmental services. It was costing us a significant amount annually for a contracted vendor to manage this service.

However, we were very concerned about transitioning from “Contract to Self-Op.” How co