DM&A provides everything a facility needs to successfully transition from a food or EVS contractor to self-managed Food Service or Environmental Services.


What to consider when going from Contract to Self-Op.

DM&A Can Provide:

  • An onsite transition coordinator (90 to 120 days)
  • New customized policies and procedures
  • New menus and recipes
  • Assistance in hiring a new management team
  • Temporary management personnel
  • Any and all support

Why DM&A?

  • The transition should be managed by a firm that  has the manpower, tools, systems, and  experience to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • DM&A can provide all of this, plus guide the hospital to “Best of Class” in all areas at the same time.
  • DM&A always generates success. Ask our clients!


Oklahoma University Hospital decided that we could no longer afford to have contractors manage our food service and environmental services. It was costing us a significant amount annually for a contracted vendor to manage this service.

However, we were very concerned about transitioning from “Contract to Self-Op.” How could we make this happen in a smooth manner? Many of the key management staff belonged to the Contractor. The Contractor also owned many of the key systems in place such as menus, policies and procedures, and recipes.

We were thrilled to discover that there was a company (DM&A) that provides hospitals with complete “Turn Key” Contract to Self-Op services. DM&A provided us with a highly qualified, onsite, transition manager for 90 days before the contractor left. They also provided us with all the systems we needed such as menus, recipes, and new policies and procedures customized to our hospital. They helped source, interview, and hire our new management team.

Even after the Contractor left, we had the option to access DM&A’s team of temporary managers for those positions that were not filled quickly. All of this was then followed up with all of the support we needed for as long as we needed it.

Our transition was successfully completed and we look forward to the savings our organization will achieve for years to come.

We were very pleased with the services provided by DM&A and would highly recommend them to support the needs of any size healthcare food service operation.

Lisa Ellis, Senior Director of Operations, Oklahoma State University Medical Center

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