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DM&A is looking for a self-motivated, goal-orientated and a strong team player who takes pride in their work, and know what it means to take responsibility and deliver quality care to patients.

Job Roles:

  • Address patient/client needs, particularly considering age, culture, physical capacity, individual preferences, religious background, financial resources and patient willingness & ability to comply.
  • AGES SERVED (a): Infant, Adolescent, Adult, Geriatric. Demonstrates the knowledge
    and skills necessary to provide care/service appropriate to the age of the
    patients/individuals served. Demonstrates and possesses the ability to assess data
    reflective of the patients/individuals status and interpret relative to his age-specific
    needs, and to provide the care/service needed.
  • Assists in development of policies/procedures with facility medical and nursing
  • Collects data on an on-going basis for department QA/CQI projects.
  • Cooperates with health care team members in providing medical nutritional therapy
    (MNT) to patients.
  • Monitors activities of Meal Services Representative(MSR) in providing nutrition care.
  • Monitors an equity of menus and therapeutic diets.
  • Monitors and maintains records required for patients, including: (a) patient profile card
    (b) food preferences; (c) nutrition assessment/ intervention; (d) progress charting; (e)
    special needs; (f) diet instructions/nutritional counseling provided for patient/caregivers.
  • Participates in establishing dietary goals, including qualitative standard for product
  • Performs nutritional screening and assessments of patients per department policy and
    procedures, as well as follow-up assessments, with intervention activities as
    appropriate. Document in the electronic medical record (EMR) 100% of the time.
  • Provides nutrition counseling to patients and/or caregivers when indicated, including for
    drug-nutrient interactions, and document in the EMR.