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DM&A Executive Recruiting helps find top-notch professionals for premier hospital executive vacancies worldwide. Hiring the right executive team member is pivotal to becoming successful in healthcare food service. DM&A can help you find the right position based on your experience and skillset. Let our experience, network, and knowledge of healthcare food service take the worry out of your hands.

Job Location / Employer: (Withheld by Client), Louisiana


The Executive Chef is responsible for developing menus and preparing food for the hospital and for various catered events. Directly supervises the department’s cooking staff. Primary duties include: preparing food; developing recipes and menus; specifying food products and supervising presentation to ensure high quality within hospital dietary restrictions and using fiscal responsibility. Works with Dietitian in development of patient menus.


  • Actively participates and provides creative input in the development and implementation of projects.
  • Assists in evaluation of the work performance of employees.
  • By example, exhibits excellent leadership skills.
  • Complete event planning forms to facilitate billing.
  • Computer skills and other office equipment knowledge are current with the equipment being used.
  • Continually evaluates food quality and makes recommendations.
  • Communicate desired changes in an educational, non-punitive manner.
  • Monitors trends and recommends adjustments based on them.
  • Operate safely while working near hazardous equipment, material and machinery.
  • Provides in-service education as required to staff.
  • Ensures that supplies and equipment are used to maintain a safe, cost-effective manner in accordance with established standards and policies.
  • Specifies food, supplies and equipment ordered are from approved vendors with regard to cost-effectiveness and regulatory compliance.
  • Supervises employee activities throughout the shift to ensure proper procedures are being followed.
  • When catering is requested, works cooperatively with department director to identify the menu options needed and the appropriate man will be designed.
  • Works competently and effectively with vendors regarding availability of products and scheduled deliveries.


  • A valid driver’s license with a clean DMV record is required.
  • Certified Food Safety Manager preferred.
  • Certified Executive Chef preferred.
  • Graduate from an accredited school in culinary arts.
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Two years of college preferred.
  • Three years of hospital culinary management experience.

Commensurate with experience: $48K – $58K

Job Type: Full-time

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