What is KND$?

  • Electronic tool to help you get started
  • User friendly « Provides one site for all data
  • Allows for multiple users in department
  • Assures consistency
  • Includes definition and facts material
  • Auto calculates meals and meal equivalents
  • Calculates percentage of patient meals and percentage of non-patient meals


  • Use numbers to show efficiencies with cost per patient day to challenge a contractor.
  • Use numbers to show success of new program proving return on investment.
  • Use numbers to show increases in meals produced and retail sales with current labor.


Tracking internal data helps operators:
  • Justify new programs Prove ROI
  • Set new directions
  • Respond to economic challenges
  • Validate need for change
  • Educate administration
  • Help the facility reduce costs or justify new investments
  • Justify FTEs current labor