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To address this reality, DM&A can now extend funds to get your project under way! You can also bundle the Destination10, complete department improvement program, into your project. This will not only allow you to obtain the “bricks and mortar update” but also leverage our D10 “skill set upgrade” for the operational team. Our internationally known executive success coaches teach this.

It is a well-documented fact and a consistent theme in this industry that some health care organizations turn over control of their operations to one of the food service “provider” companies to take over day-to-day operations of the food service department in order to obtain needed funding for physical kitchen, dining room and/or retail operation improvements.

These upgrades are needed to address regulatory issues or deficiencies, in order to remain competitive in the geographic area or to boost patient and hospital staff or resident satisfaction results. FACT: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will be rewarding or penalizing hospitals based on the subjective outcomes of patient satisfaction.

This loss of control comes with a price, sometimes undisclosed. One example is as organizations are trying to reduce labor but are misled by moving the dollars to the contracted company. This still affects hospital’s bottom line.

Contractors sell the fact they will reduce labor, workers comp, benefit costs, etc. but the reality is those costs are passed along in their invoicing and hit the purchased services or contractual services line in the hospital budget.

This financial support, under the umbrella of a DM&A managed project, can be leveraged as an expense to the operational budget versus capital budget and payments can be 36 to 60 months or longer.

Our goal is to assist you in maintaining and developing your in-house, self-operated management team and still obtain the capital that you need to achieve your goals!

Contact DM&A today so we can understand the goals you have, collaboratively work to keep your program intact, and provide the solutions and support necessary to compete, innovate and thrive! We will be happy to share statistical and metric driven outcomes, testimonials and overall results with you.[/rad_page_widget][rad_page_widget id=’rpwWYOJ0FTV8QCSDT2UIAWJ5QU9SSTJNAKD’ type=’rad_pricing_widget’ last=’true’ text_title=” p_title=’Sample Financing Amount: $284,000′ show_featured_col=’yes’ p_desc=” p_feature_list=” animation=’none’ delay=’0.4′ speed=’0.4′ easing=’linear’ rich_key=’rad_tab’ title_color=” title_size=” title_w=” ][ioa_mod][inp]r_title[ioas]36 months[ioas][inp]r_price[ioas]$8,900[ioas][inp]r_featured_col[ioas]No[ioas][inp]r_price_info[ioas][ioas][inp]r_data[ioas][ioas][inp]r_button_label[ioas] Monthly[ioas][inp]r_button_link[ioas][ioas][ioa_mod][inp]r_title[ioas]48 months[ioas][inp]r_price[ioas]$6,933[ioas][inp]r_featured_col[ioas]No[ioas][inp]r_price_info[ioas][ioas][inp]r_data[ioas][ioas][inp]r_button_label[ioas]Monthly[ioas][inp]r_button_link[ioas][ioas][ioa_mod][inp]r_title[ioas]60 months[ioas][inp]r_price[ioas]$5,751[ioas][inp]r_featured_col[ioas]No[ioas][inp]r_price_info[ioas][ioas][inp]r_data[ioas][ioas][inp]r_button_label[ioas]Monthly[ioas][inp]r_button_link[ioas][ioas][/rad_page_widget][/rad_page_container][/rad_page_section]