R.E.A.P. Mission

R.E.A.P. (Reduce Expenses Audit Process) will reduce operational expenses without cutting staff, food quality, or services or you don’t pay for our time. Documented cost savings experienced by our clients have ranged from $30K to $200K per year depending on facility size. This is beyond what your team, GPO, and food distributor have already identified.

Method / Process

The R.E.A.P. Specialist spends 3 to 5 days at your facility reviewing all of your food and supply purchases line item by line item. The items purchased are then observed through the production, utilization and presentation process. This exercise always results in new-found savings opportunities. R.E.A.P. culminates with a detailed report of findings.

How is this Possible?

Because the person performing the audit is an experienced healthcare operator and Executive Chef who specializes in identifying cost savings opportunities in the unique healthcare setting.

Why Bother?

Many operators are able to utilize the new-found savings to pay for other desired DM&A services such as room service or the Destination 10 Performance Improvement Process. And with room service, there are even more food and supply savings.


Calvert Memorial Hospital

  • Prince Frederick, Maryland

Ochsner Medical Center

  • Jefferson, Louisiana

Sanford Medical Center

  • Fargo, North Dakota

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