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Do you love a great challenge? Are you excited about meeting new people and visiting new places?

Do you dream of expanding your skill set and raising the bar to help others? Are you willing to throw off the bowlines and set sails to new found territory?

If this sounds like you then contact us today!

Our team of traveling Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) is a group of highly skilled, experienced and passionate RDN’s!

Work location varies as does time frame. Typically – 3 to 6 months.

This position also has an opportunity to work with the Nutrition Division.

Click here and submit your application and resume today! Don’t miss out!

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Job Roles:

  • Address patient/client needs, particularly considering age, culture, physical capacity, individual preferences, religious background, financial resources and patient willingness & ability to comply.
  • AGES SERVED (a): Infant, Adolescent, Adult, Geriatric. Demonstrates the knowledge
    and skills necessary to provide care/service appropriate to the age of the
    patients/individuals served. Demonstrates and possesses the ability to assess data
    reflective of the patients/individuals status and interpret relative to his age-specific
    needs, and to provide the care/service needed.
  • Assists in development of policies/procedures with facility medical and nursing
  • Collects data on an on-going basis for department QA/CQI projects.
  • Cooperates with health care team members in providing medical nutritional therapy
    (MNT) to patients.
  • Monitors activities of Meal Services Representative(MSR) in providing nutrition care.
  • Monitors an equity of menus and therapeutic diets.
  • Monitors and maintains records required for patients, including: (a) patient profile card
    (b) food preferences; (c) nutrition assessment/ intervention; (d) progress charting; (e)
    special needs; (f) diet instructions/nutritional counseling provided for patient/caregivers.
  • Participates in establishing dietary goals, including qualitative standard for product
  • Performs nutritional screening and assessments of patients per department policy and
    procedures, as well as follow-up assessments, with intervention activities as
    appropriate. Document in the electronic medical record (EMR) 100% of the time.
  • Provides nutrition counseling to patients and/or caregivers when indicated, including for
    drug-nutrient interactions, and document in the EMR.